We Focus on the Individuals of Each Community.

In order to provide a unique boutique approach to property management, we are rather selective as to those properties who we choose to represent. We focus solely on the individuals that make up each community. We value your home – a place for your family, peace, and happiness – and strive to uphold the highest property values while improving quality and care at a personal level.

Premier Property Services

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Our Commitment

Since its inception, Premier Property Services has retained a reputation of commitment and dedication to each and every homeowner and Board of Directors. We have gathered a staff of professionals highly educated in property and association management, as well as overall civil codes governing homeowners associations, so as to provide you with the utmost knowledgeable and accurate information. Premier Property Services employs only certified community association managers who hold certifications from the Community Associations Institute (CAI®). Each of our managers are required to maintain a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) certification.